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Discover Ithaca
              Land of Waterfalls Lakes and Festivals
                           A new DVD all about the Ithaca area. 

Find out why Ithaca is unique. An urban lifestyle in a setting of lakes, gorges and natural beauty. The towering waterfalls, deep lush ice-age gorges, hills with endless panoramic views, and boating on the largest of the Finger Lakes. 

Experience some of the best festivals in the land with music, entertainment, sporting events and foods from all over the world. 

Ithaca has been named "The Jewel of the Finger Lakes", maybe because of wine tasting on the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail, the nations first wine trail, offering a unique blend of fine wines, scenic waterfalls, and local gourmet eateries. 

Or the local farm markets, roadside stands and other farmers markets, some open seasonally, some all year around. But perhaps it's something more. Maybe the pedestrian mall, the Ithaca Commons, where The Ithaca Festival is celebrated each Spring and the Apple Festival held at the end of summer.

Whatever the reason, this DVD will take you to all of the events and show you all the wonderful and spectacular sites and sounds.

An essential digital video for visitors and new residents to the Ithaca area.
This video is the culmination of over eight years of collected digital video clips of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery in the northeast,together with some of the best festivals in the upstate New York area.

The video is narrated by well known radio personality Rudy Paolangeli 
and starts on the Ithaca Commons with an explanation of its origin.

The Ithaca Festival is featured next, an event that started in 1977 and
has been growing in popularity over the years. Activities include musical
acts, dancing and demonstrations for children and adults.

Ithaca Falls has to be the most striking image in the city of Ithaca and leads us into the next segment about Cayuga Lake. Also featuring the largest inland marina in New York State.

The Ithaca Farmer's Market draws people from near and far to view and 
purchase from the area's small farmers and crafter's on Saturday and 

Just down the Cayuga Inlet we find casual dining both on land and water

Our next stop is The Grass Roots Festival. Music fans from all over the 
US and Canada spend the weekend listening and dancing to some of 
the best musicians in the land.

This is wine country and one of the best wineries in the area is our next 
stop, Six Mile Creek Winery.  

On a hot summer's, day cooling off in Buttermilk Falls State Park is very 

Taughannock Falls is one of the most spectacular attractions in the region and is our next stop on our tour around the area. An aerial view of the falls reveals it's true magnificence.

Fishing is a popular sport in Upstate New York and the waters of Fall 
 Creek offer an abundance of lake and brown trout.

Ithaca is the home of Cornell University and Ithaca College and both 
are well respected for there outstanding educational programs.

The Central New York area is noted for it's excellent apples and we celebrate 
that with the annual Apple Festival on the Ithaca Commons.

As winter brings cold and snow to the Ithaca area, we find lots of activities to 
ward off  cabin fever including the Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook Off.

Probably one of the best times to see the area's water falls is in the winter, 
when ice and snow offer striking and alternate images.

Health care in Ithaca and the surrounding region is offered by Cayuga 
Medical Center located on West Hill. 

Local transportation is provided by TCAT. Bus service runs from early 
morning until late night, seven days a week. Three airlines service the 
Ithaca Airport, which is located just a few minutes from downtown. 

This video comes to an end with four testimonials from people who emigrated from all  
over the world and have lived in Ithaca for a number of years and who are very pleased to have chosen this upstate jewel as their home.